A water based moisturizer is a favorite of many people because its texture is lightweight and has an incredible ability in controlling oiliness of the skin.

And as our humid climate overworks the oil glands, many women feel that moisturizing of the skin is not essential. However oily skin type needs a special regimen for skin care as the oil produced can make the skin prone to acne. The water based moisturizer is far superior to various other moisturizers for all skin types.

Oily skin too requires moisture

It is a fact that the oily type of skin is an outcome of dehydration. Whenever the skin gets dehydrated due to stress, caffeine or cold temperatures the skin cells compensate the moisture loss by more oil production than it has to which is the cause of oil in rising to the skins surface in giving skin a sheen that anyone will hate. Even though this concern can be solved by drinking water, the ideal way in keeping the oil glands completely under check is by applying moisture straight onto the skin. Since the water based moisturizer has been exclusively designed in offering the lost moisture and that too almost for half a day, this moisturizer can be regarded as the best without any doubt.

Smooth and light finish

Unlike the usual moisturizing lotion that uses oil; water based moisturizers are light in texture as well as non-sticky; this makes them perfect for humid and summer days as well. The water based moisturizer has been able to create massive difference to acne prone as well as oily skin. Moreover it is very smooth and non sticky, unlike other competitive brands which are greasy as well as too sticky.

Quick absorption

Water based moisturizers are developed for people who are very restless and cannot wait even for 15 min for the skin in absorbing lotions before applying makeup. This moisturizer needs very less time in getting absorbed in to the skin and this unique factor of it makes it preferred by a lot of women.

WaterUnlikely to cause breakouts

There is a reason as to why the water based moisturizers have been frequently marketed to people who have oily and sensitive type of skin. As it does not have oil as well as other allergic ingredients, water based moisturizer is unlikely to cause pimples and irritate your skin. You can be ensured that after using this type of moisturizer you will not experience any breakouts or pimples either.

Acts as a makeup base too

What you will love about water based moisturizer is that it functions incredibly good as a base makeup, and it also keeps your pores in control under the foundation. It is not like other lotion moisturizers as water based ones let makeup spread out very evenly. It also gives more coverage to your makeup.

In short this is an excellent moisturizer which gives its customer complete satisfaction and is used to avoid your skin from being too sensitive. Water based moisturizers mostly contain lightweight oils like cetyl alcohol as well as silicone based ingredients like cyclomethicone.

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