Here is a scenario that’s familiar with many: In the early morning before you leave for the office, you prime, cleanse and mattify your skin to make a flawless and an oil free perfection, but by the time you arrive at the office door, you will need to apply a dab of powder. By midday, it looks as if a Crisco layer has been slathered on your face, so what gives? Unfortunately, the problem with people who have oily skin is not a lack of products that can be used to bust shine. The problem is that these products never seem to work as required. You may discover that the powder that works well for every other person slides off your face. Users have tested many skincare products and below are the best moisturizers for oily skin.

– Revlon Color-Stay Makeup with Softflex for Combination and Oily Skin:

This product offers a high coverage formula and is most ideal for women who want to cover blemishes, hyper-pigmentation and scars that have been caused by acne. The end result is a skin that looks highly flawless for the whole day. Some people who have used this skin product have said that the product lasts through swimming.

– Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus Matifying Foundation:

This product is well priced and developed mainly for makeup artists. It offers a foundation which looks dewy and not shiny for many hours. This way, your skin oil can be controlled while imperfections that exist on the skin are hidden. It leaves the skin in excellent condition the entire day without looking dry.

– Urban Decay-De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup-Setting Spray:

This makeup spray is highly effective and after spraying just once, you will look real fresh for a considerably long period of time. It’s one of the best lightweight formulas that are available out there which helps to keep you looking great for most of the time.

– Maybelline New York Shine-Free Oil-Control Loose Powder:

Other than being highly affordable, this product works quite well as other pricey products that have been manufactured to control shine. Because of this, it has become the preferred choice for many people. The powder makes the users’ face look smooth and matte. This awesome powder also assists to control breakouts. Many people who have normal skins could benefit from this product.

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– Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:

This is indeed the best and a must have moisturizer which every woman who has oily skin must have. The best moisturizer for oily skin helps to brighten the color of the eye shadow and keep it in place longer. After using it, some women have reported feeling ashamed to remove it at the end of the day because it still looks pretty well. It’s one of the definite keepers which every woman who desires to look great must have.

Because of the many choices that are available, taking into account your specific requirements makes it possible to get the best moisturizer for oily skin. You will not face hurdles making the most appropriate choice.

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