Contrary to the popular belief that people who are battling with acne and oily skin should stay away from using moisturizers because these facial products will just make their faces look oilier, people who have the mentioned skin problems can still use moisturizers provided that they use non comedogenic moisturizers. If you have been avoiding hydrating products all your life because they might make your skin break out, here are some things that you should keep in mind the next time you shop for skincare products.

What Is A Non Comedogenic Face Moisturizer?

This skin product’s name comes from the word “comedones” which refers to the hair follicles that appear as blackheads, or whiteheads when they get filled with dirt and oil. When they get inflamed, you will observe that they swell and redden and become filled with pus – behold, a pimple is born. Non comedogenic products are invented to get rid of the source of acne and because of that, these products are also known as non acnegenic skincare products.

How to choose the best non comedogenic moisturizer

It is often advisable to purchase an oil free non comedonenic moisturizer if pimples and shine are your enemy. This won’t be much of a problem because these moisturizers are mostly oil free. To help you cope with skin breakouts, I recommend that you use those that have benzyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. However, I must warn that in my experience, these ingredients may cause your sensitive skin to dry up a bit even if these are in a moisturizer. If this bothers you, you may choose to use your oil free moisturizer every other day instead.

About non comedogenic tinted moisturizers

Tinted moisturizers are available for those who are having problems with the color of their face and need some help in making their color even out. Choose products that provide easy coverage to your face and have ingredients that can easily even out skin tone. One of the products I use is Maybelline tinted moisturizer since it doubles as a blemish cream.

                                                                         Are These Products Expensive?


That would depend on the brand of course, but if you are concerned about getting the best value for your money, or would not want to spend so much for an additional skin product, here are some of the best non comedogenic moisturizers I found to be worth the price you would pay for.

Neutrogena and Cetaphil are some of the best names in the field of hypoallergenic and non acnegenic products that are sold in very affordable prices in virtually all malls and drugstores.

Clinique and Boscia are the brands that I consider to be runner-ups on the market. When buying moisturizers, I suggest that you try out these products first and see how they work for you. Most products would work out depending on your skin type and I suggest that you consult a dermatologist if the problem persists even after using these products to see if you have certain problems in tolerating certain skincare ingredients.

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