Every woman boasts about her hair, in fact it’s among the most prized assets in women, something they just can’t do without. Each year millions of women spend billions of dollars on hair products alone just to avoid breakages, holes, lack of moisture and more.

This article will give you the perfect guide to finding the right hair moisturizer as well as keeping your hair healthy without spending a fortune.

There are many factors that contribute to hair damage and it is important to patch up all the holes on a regular basis so as to keep your hair looking vigilant and beautiful. Deep conditioning does that! Using deep conditioning treatment at least once a month will help prevent breakages and retain your hair’s length.

The most effective deep conditioning treatments contain:

  • Hydrolyzed protein to reduce hair breakage
  • Conditioners to make combing easier
  • Sealing ingredients to help retain moisture and prevent it from getting lost especially when washing

Hydrolyzed Protein:

A strand of hair contains 90% keratin protein. Keratin protein is generated from the protein you eat and is good for the skin and hair. Once your hair emerges from its follicles, what you eat or drink does not affect its appearance anymore, but your styling and combing. When you comb and style your hair, pieces of keratin break off, but then your hair grows as fast as it breaks off. Using hair products that contain hydrolyzed protein is among the best way you can improve the length and retention of your hair.



Deep conditioning treatments help strengthen your hair, but at the same time can also make it vulnerable. A well formulated deep conditioning treatment helps condition your hair making it easy to comb so that very few strands are lost due to breaking through tangles. However, in the world of hair chemistry, opposites attract. Hair is negatively charged and responds rather well to positively charged conditioning ingredients. Below are ingredients called “cationics” and they remain in your hair even log after rinsing it:

  • Behentrimonium Chloride
  • Amodimethicone
  • Stearalkonium Chloride
  • Cetrimonium Chloride
  • Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine
  • Behentrimonium Methosulfate

Sealing ingredients:

You certainly would not want to spend a fortune on deep conditioning treatments if the results are not going to last. Even the best deep conditioning treatments are semi-permanent and not permanent. A deep conditioner with good sealants will help strengthen your hair and keep it moisturized for most of the day. Below are common ingredients used for sealing:

  •  Petrolatum
  •  Mineral Oil
  •  Lanolin
  •  Dimethicone
  •  Phenyl Trimethicone
  •  Shea Butter
  •  Soybean Oil

Tips for deep conditioning:

  • Ensure that you shampoo your hair thoroughly before applying deep conditioner. If you lightly rinse your hair before applying the product, your hair won’t be able to absorb the protein.
  • Make sure that you closely follow the instructions on your product. Deep conditioning treatments are made from a careful blend of ingredients that produce results in just 5 to 15 minutes.

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