Rosacea is a skin problem and is mostly known as acne rosacea or even adult acne. It is very painful as well as embarrassing reddening of rashes that causes huge impact on the lives of those suffering from it.


  • An unpleasant redness on the face; especially forehead, cheeks, chin and even nose
  • Frequent outbursts of tiny red bumps


The market has a variety of conventional treatments for rosacea, however you may not like to take antibiotics, or use rosacea moisturizer that is very thick in consistency, or going for costly light therapy. If you are searching for a natural product, then try a homemade moisturizer that helps to cure rosacea.

To select the best moisturizer for rosacea, you must shop smart by reading the labels that are on each of the products that you buy. Skin which has rosacea is very sensitive so keep all this in your mind when you buy the next time.


When you buy the best rosacea moisturizer, go for products that are labeled for sensitive skin type, or even labeled as hypoallergenic. There are a few moisturizers which have been designed mainly for people who have rosacea. It is hard to locate these in drugstores, but nowadays these moisturizers can be bought online. They can also be purchased in a department store, but they might cost more.

First of all, know the ingredients such as alcohol, scents, menthol, peppermint as well as eucalyptus that must not be present in the rosacea moisturizer. This is because all of these ingredients irritate the skin of people who have rosacea. Moreover, avoid products of acne-treatment as it leads to drying, especially those which have salicylic acid as well as benzoyl peroxide. The best moisturizer for rosacea is an oil free moisturizer.

A standard and gentle kind of moisturizer that does not contain the above mentioned ingredients is a perfect option for people who have rosacea. These ingredients help in calming rosacea: niacinamide, a variant of vitamin B3, green tea, aloe and chamomile. Such ingredients are very soothing and helpful to the skin. They will help in preventing inflammation along with redness. Furthermore, people with the skin problem of rosacea must definitely use sunscreen daily to prevent the condition from worsening. It is best to select a rosacea moisturizer which has a minimum of SPF 20 sun-block.

The ingredients in a moisturizer for rosacea must be completely 100% natural. The moisturizer can also be used when pregnant and breastfeeding. The ingredients in the best moisturizer for rosacea are sea buckthorn, sandalwood oil, and tea tree oil. They act effectively on the rosacea stricken skin and moreover, they do not contain any harsh chemicals, or any known side-effects.

Natural moisturizers for rosacea:

There are a lot of home remedies as well as treatments to cure rosacea. The following is one of the moisturizers you may try:

  • Oatmeal & Yogurt Rosacea Moisturizer

Mix fine oatmeal and yogurt together into a very thick paste. Apply this mixture on to your irritated skin and let it dry. Finally rinse it off with lukewarm water. This is also a best moisturizer for rosacea.

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