Facial skin is truly specific. The face is rich with and protected with sebaceous glands, and usually protected by the sebum. When the surface of the skin is lacking the mentioned it is sensitive to any external influence, and is… Continue reading

A mourning routine doesn’t have any pleasure nowadays among most people. Who wants to get up, eat fast, freshen up and then go to a place where he will be criticized for whatever reason his boss makes up? But this… Continue reading

The face requires cleansing at least once a day.  It is mostly important because of hygienic reasons, as well as for the good looks.  When you wash your face with soap, unless it is a specially designed hydrating one, you… Continue reading

It is quite hard to determine what is THE BEST ADVICE, so I always go with a little bit of everything. Moisturising on a daily base is essential for the good look. Look through some products I use, and personally… Continue reading

Slow down the aging of your skin with anti-aging creams. On the market there is growing anti-aging production, and there is an increasing demand for them. It’s not easy to choose a quality product, as many anti-aging creams are inefficient,… Continue reading

Daily hydration is needed to maintain your skins health as well as the look and the touch. For softness, elasticity and shine of the skin it is necessary to drink sufficient amount of water, 2-3 litters a day. You can… Continue reading

The amount of water you drink is vital for entire vital body functions. The body is mostly hydrated with the fluids coming from the organism. The second thing you need to approach is your food habits. Don’t forget that you… Continue reading

Characteristic of the pores of the skin is the fact that the pores are open during different treatments, and cosmetic preparations. Each beauty product contains certain ingredients that may be harmful to the skin .What are the substances that close… Continue reading

Moisturizing lipstick- nurture and aesthetics in one product!

Natured and healthy lips first require hydration, and use moisturizing products in addition to its aesthetic functions have a purpose in restoring the quality and health skin of the lips. As a… Continue reading

My choice of Clinique Chubby Stick in colour 05 Chunky Cherry.

Clinique’s chubby stick moisturizing lip color balm is almost an extension of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick collection. Chubby stick is available in 16 different shades double the size of their… Continue reading